"Easy" Online Calculators
These loan calculators were designed to help give you the information you need to make informed decisions about financing a new home, or refinancing your existing mortgage.
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  Loan Payment Calculator
Enter principal, interest and loan term and this calculator will return a loan overview with your monthly payment, total interest paid on the loan and the total loan value.  It also returns an amortization schedule showing how much principal and interest you will pay each month, then calculates the balance of the loan.
  Payment Savings Calculator
  Will my new loan save me money?
  This calculator compares your current loan to a new loan and tells you if you will save on your monthly payment by getting a new loan, and how much you'll save.
  Loan Cost Calculator
  If I refinance my existing loan, how much will I save and how long will it take to recoup the costs of the loan?
  This calculator allows you to compare two loans with the same loan amount and different rates and terms, then lets you enter details about the costs of the loan and calculates how long it will take to recoup the costs of the proposed loan at your current savings.


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